A Trip to Kodaikanal 

Have you ever been to Kodaikanal? Read about Adheesh’s trip to find out more.

Did you know that Tamil Nadu is home to one of the most scenic hill stations? It is called Kodaikanal situated in the southwest of Tamil Nadu. I travelled to Kodaikanal by car with my family and a friend’s family. As we moved, I enjoyed the beautiful view through my car windows.

We stayed at one of the best hotels in Kodaikanal called the Sterling Hotel. After we arrived, we were all very tired so we decided to have our dinner and retire for the night. But before going to sleep, I played with my brother. Later that night, I had a nightmare involving vampires but waking up to the beautiful hilly view revived my excitement. 

In the morning, we had breakfast and left to go sightseeing. As we drove past, we saw many fun games and rides around the hotel. We saw balloon shooting games, horse rides, cycle rides and boat rides. But since we wanted to visit the sights first, we decided to enjoy the rides later.

Bryant Park, Kodaikanal

We visited Bryant Park, Bear shola falls and witnessed the beautiful star shaped lake. Later that night, we ordered pizza and relaxed with the family. 

Bear Shola Falls, Kodaikanal

The next day after breakfast, we decided to play and enjoy the rides. First, we went for the boat rides but my brother was scared and made a ruckus during the ride. Next, I enjoyed horse riding but my companions didn’t want to get on this ride as they were scared. After that, we went on cycle rides. In Kodaikanal, you can rent cycles to ride around the town and enjoy the views. Then, we all enjoyed shooting balloons. Finally, we called it a day and returned back to our hotel.

The next day we drove back home as I bid adieu to the beautiful paradise through my car windows. 

I believe that the beauty of Kodaikanal is highly underrated and I would love to visit the place again.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Written by- Adheesh. RK

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