My Visit to Dehradun

Have you ever been to Dehradun? Read about Divya’s exciting trip there. Happy reading!

During my school vacations, I visited Dehradun with my family. We travelled by train and had three bags. AS the train moved, I enjoyed the view of passing trees and houses. 

I visited several places in Dehradun. I also visited some friends there. 

Gandhi park, Dehradun

I went to a park called Gandhi Park and enjoyed some rides. My favourite ride was the roller coaster. After enjoying the fantastic roller coaster ride, I went on the trampoline. It was bouncy and I jumped very high. 

I enjoyed my trip to Dehradun. It was a beautiful city with several places to visit and had a variety of delicious food.

I hope you liked reading my blog. 

Written by- Divya Rana

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