A Visit to Goa

Have you been to Goa? Read about Nishtha’s experience in the party capital of India.

In this blog, I’m going to share my experience visiting Goa. I went to Goa with my family during my summer vacation for two weeks.

We travelled via air from Uttar Pradesh to Goa. After reaching Goa, we booked a hotel. It was a beautiful hotel with spacious rooms. As we were tired from the journey, we went to bed early.

The next morning, we went for a movie. We ate popcorn, burgers and soft drinks at the movies. It was a fun day with my family.

We also went on car rides around the city. We had a picnic in the scenic routes of Goa and enjoyed the cool sea breeze.

We also visited the famous Goa beaches. We played in the sand and swam in the sea till late in the evening. The sound of the sea waves crashing on the shore and the sand crunching under our feet was incredible.

After spending two blissful weeks, we returned home where I shared my whole experience with my friends.

I hope my wonderful Goa experience encourages you to travel as well.

Written by- Nishtha Pandey

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