A Visit to Orissa

Have you been to Orissa? Read about Gauri’s experience in the city.

In this blog, I’m going to share my experience visiting Orissa. I went to Orissa with my family.

After travelling for a long distance, we were all tired. So we went to our hotel and rested there for a while.

To refresh ourselves further, we took a swim in the hotel’s swimming pool. The water was cool and helped us relax.

Then it was time for lunch. We ate some tasty chapatis and curry to fill our starving stomachs.

Jagannath Temple, Orissa

After that, we went to the renowned Jagannath Temple. We worshipped at the temple and bought some photos and couch shells as souvenirs. 

Finally, we returned back to our hotel and relaxed after a long day. 

I hope you liked reading my blog!

Written by- Gauri Gupta

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