A Visit to Srisailam

: Have you been to Srisailam? Read about Shashank’s experience in this beautiful place in Andhra Pradesh.

Hi everyone! 

This is a blog about my experience visiting the pilgrim site in Srisailam in Andhra Pradesh.

Nallamala forest view

On January 3rd, 2022, I visited Srisailam with my family. We travelled by road through the Nallamala forest, which is the largest forest in Andhra Pradesh. We crossed a deer zone and a tiger zone on our way, but unfortunately we didn’t spot any deers or tigers. But, we saw a lot of monkeys cackling around in the forest.

Srisailam Dam

To reach Srisailam, we need to cross two hills. As our car swerved around the curvy roads, I felt dizzy. Between the two hills, flows the Krishna river. On the river is built the Srisailam dam where there is a big thermal power station.

Mallikarjuna Jyotirlinga Temple

Finally, we reached our hotel in Srisailam. We freshened ourselves and went to the Mallikarjuna Jyotirlinga Temple where we offered our prayers.

Srisailam Ropeway

The next morning, after breakfast we visited the temple again. This time we did the Shikara Darshanam and went on the ropeway. It was my first time on a ropeway and we saw the beautiful octopus view of Srisailam.  

Later, we returned back to our hotel where we prepared ourselves for the journey back home.

Written by- Shashank Varma

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