A Visit to Matheran

Have you been to Matheran? Read about Siddhan’s experience in this beautiful place near Mumbai.

Hi everyone!

Today I will share with you my experience of visiting Matheran, a small hill station near Mumbai. I travelled with my parents and my younger brother. We stayed at the MTDC resort.

Room at MTDC resort, Matheran

The car parking area of Matheran was crowded and full of monkeys. My father was scared that the monkeys might steal the luggage but we were able to safely reach our resort.

The resort covered a vast area with greenery. We saw some horses grazing nearby. As we waited for our room to be prepared, my brother and I played at the play area in the resort.

MTDC resort, Matheran

After resting for a while at our resort, we decided to go sightseeing. The sights of Matheran were about 3 km away from our resort. There were three ways to reach the central area of Matheran. We could take the toy train, go on a horse ride or walk. We decided to take the toy train.

Toy Train, Matheran

The ride was fun as it was my first time on a toy train. The train moved slowly allowing us to experience the scenic beauty of the route.

After reaching the central area of Matheran, we had to walk to the different sights such as Echo point, Sunset point, Khandala point etc.

Echo Point, Matheran

Since I was tired from walking, I opted for a horse ride to the different points as my family walked beside me. Each sight had a unique beauty and it was a pleasing experience.

Being tired and hungry from all the sightseeing, we decided to eat at a small food joint. We ate Aloo Paratha, Misal Pav and Maggi. Every dish was delicious and we enjoyed it thoroughly.

Later, we explored the market and bought items such as jute bags, sunglasses and a swing.

When we decided to return back to our resort, we noticed that we had missed the toy train. We ended up walking the whole way back. The route was downhill and there were a lot of rocks on the path. It felt like an adventure and we were all invigorated from the exercise.

We relaxed back in our room and ordered dinner. We enjoyed our dinner while enjoying the cultural activities at the resort. There was also a bonfire to keep ourselves warm as we sat beneath the starry night.

It was a wonderful experience and I would like to recommend this beautiful place to everyone.

Written by- Siddhan Pillai

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