Family Time at Dehradun

Have you ever been to Dehradun? Read about Aaditri’s trip to find out more.

Hi everyone!

In this blog I will share my experiences in Dehradun. I travelled to Dehradun during my vacations to visit my relatives. 

We went to Dehradun by air because it takes significantly less time. My mother and my sister accompanied me on the trip.

In Dehradun, we stayed at my aunt’s place. We were there for a whole month and in that time, I experienced the beauty of the city.

The view from my aunt’s terrace was mesmerising. On clear days, we could see the mountains. As Dehradun is home to the Indian Military College, I also witnessed helicopters while enjoying the view.

Indian Military Academy, Dehradun

During the day I would do my homework, while in the evenings we would watch the mountains and the beautiful scenery from the terrace.

I enjoyed the relaxing vacation and would love to visit Dehradun again!

I hope you liked reading my blog.

Written by- Aaditri Negi

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