The Hairy Hippo

Do you feel hot when your hair is long? The hairy hippo was also struggling because of his long hair. How does he escape the heat?

Once, there was a hippo who was very hairy. Because of all the hair, he was always feeling very hot.

He saw a lake nearby and decided to go for a swim. The hippo stepped into the lake and relaxed in the cool water. But a crocodile with sharp teeth was lurking in the water. When he saw the fat hippo, he licked his lips. “Mmm..I’ll get a good lunch today!” thought the crocodile.

He went near the hippo and snapped with his sharp teeth. The teeth were caught in the hippo’s hair and all the hair was chopped off. The hippo hurried out of the water and realised that all the hair from his body had been cut off.

He felt happy as he was no longer feeling hot.

Written by- Anish P Bharadwaj

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