Bees at a Party

Are you scared of bees? What would you do if you were attending a party and a swarm of bees came in? Read this story to see what happens.

A man and a woman decided to attend a party. They were invited by their friends.

Everyone was very excited to be at the party. They started singing and dancing together. Suddenly out of nowhere, a swarm of bees buzzed into the party. Their buzzing was so loud that the music couldn’t be heard.

Everyone was scared that they would be stung by the bees and started hiding under the tables. The entire party was distracted and the host of the party was very sad. He did not know what to do.

The man gathered his courage and asked everyone to help him remove the bees. Together they opened all the windows and ushered the bees to go out.

One by one, the bees started moving out and before long, the party was back to normal. Everyone was happy and started enjoying themselves again.

Written by- Hinal

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