Bob and the Hopping Log

Have you ever seen a log that could hop? Read on to find out the mystery of the hopping log.

There was once a boy called Bob. He was a happy child who loved to play outside. One day when Bob was playing in the garden, he noticed a strange thing.

A piece of log was moving from one place to another. Bob was amazed at the sight. “How can a log move?” he thought to himself.

The log was hopping all around the garden. Slowly it began moving towards the pond. Bob decided to follow the magical log to see where it goes.

As soon as the log reached the pond, several frogs jumped out of it. Bob was shocked to witness this.

He realised that the log wasn’t magical and it was only moving because of the frogs in it. He had a hearty laugh to himself and ran off to play.

Written by- Kiaan Arya


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