Mickey Mouse and the Cows

Do you like Mickey Mouse? Mickey Mouse is faced with a problem. Read to find out how he solves it.

One day, Mickey Mouse was resting in his house. Suddenly, he heard the loud mooing of cows.

He was shocked and looked around his room. But there was no one around. So he went outside his house. He saw a large herd of cows grazing in his garden.

He ran to the cow shed and noticed that the lock was broken. “Oh no! The cows have all come out!” thought Mickey. He took some grass from the shed and called the cows gently.

Slowly, the cows began following him and he led them all to their shed. He went inside his house and brought a new lock.

He fixed the lock and saw all his cows safely resting in the shed.

Written by- Eshan M

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