The Baby Giraffe who Hated Studying

Do you like to study? In this story, a baby giraffe hates studying and tries to escape his study time everyday. Read on to find out what makes him change his mind about studies.

Once upon a time, there lived a baby giraffe with his mother and father.

His parents loved him very much and wanted him to grow up to be smart and independent. So, they decided to send him to school. But when the baby giraffe went to school, he did not like it at all. He did not want to study like the other animals.

He would look out at the playground during his classes and hated doing his homework. Whenever he tried to study, he could not understand anything. He would push his books away and fall asleep.

One day, a new teacher came into the classroom. She had kind eyes and smiled at everyone. The baby giraffe looked up at the teacher and told her about his hatred for studies.

The teacher, Mrs. Peacock, was very patient. She placed her wing on the giraffe’s neck and said, “It is okay to not understand. You only need to ask.”

The baby giraffe felt happy and asked the teacher everything he was confused about. Mrs. Peacock explained the lessons slowly to the giraffe. She also told him about the importance of education.

“It helps us to think on our own and make our own decisions,” said Mrs. Peacock.

The giraffe was very happy with the teacher. Slowly, he started to enjoy the classes and completed his homework on time.

Written by- Saina

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