The Puppy in the Well

Do you listen to your parents? Our parents instruct us to follow rules for our own safety. Read on to find out what happens to a disobedient puppy who ignores his mother’s instructions.

Once upon a time, a dog and her puppies lived on a farm. The farm had many sheds and a well in the middle of it.

The puppies would play around the farm everyday. But they were instructed by their mother to never go near the well. One puppy was very curious. He wondered why he wasn’t allowed to play near the well. He decided to explore the well.

While his siblings played, he quietly ran off to the well. He climbed on the edge of the wall and peeked inside.

Deep inside, he saw his reflection in the water. However, he did not know that it was only a reflection and thought it was another puppy. He raised his paw to say hello and saw the reflection do the same. Then he walked around the boundary of the well and saw the puppy follow him.

“Why is this puppy imitating me? Is he trying to make fun of me?” thought the puppy.

He felt angry and decided to fight the puppy in the well. He jumped in and splashed in the water. As soon as he fell, he realised there was no puppy in the well. However, he couldn’t come out on his own.

He was scared and started barking loudly. He kept swimming and barking but he soon grew tired. Thankfully the farmer was nearby and heard the puppy’s barks. He rushed in and rescued the puppy from the well.

The puppy learned his lesson and promised his mother never to disobey her again.

Written by- Rishi

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