Freadom Classes (A Review)

What do you like about your Freadom class? Read this blog by a Freadom student Jihan as he shares his review of the classes.

Hi everyone!

In this blog, I will share my review as a student of Freadom Live classes.

These are English classes that take place online at Zoom Meetings. The classes are for 45 minutes and happen on alternate days. We can choose to take the Monday-Wednesday-Friday classes or the Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday classes. We can also choose a time slot of our preference.

Subscriptions are available for a set of classes. I had chosen the 30 classes subscription. We had a maximum of six to eight students in each class.

We have a set goal in the thirty classes to focus on writing, reading and speaking skills. The learning takes place along with fun interactive activities. The teachers have an engaging way of teaching which helps us to understand everything quickly.

After every class, we are assigned homeworks. Along with that, we also have tests in between the thirty sessions.

In addition to the classes, we can also access the Freadom app which is available on the app store. It helps us to read stories and do activities. These activities help clarify the complicated grammatical rules.

Overall, I have fun in my classes and would recommend them to everyone.

Written by- Jihan Patel

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