A Visit to An Amusement Park

Have you been to an amusement park? Read about Khushal’s experience at the park.

Hi everyone!

In this blog I will share my experience at the Ocean Park which is an amusement and water park. I went there with my father and my siblings.

The Ocean Park is located around 45 minutes away from my house. We travelled in our own car and had a fun ride.

The park has several swimming pools as well as many exciting rides.

A Jumping Frog ride

First, I enjoyed the different rides in the park such as the Jumping Frogs ride, Pilot Ship ride, Helicopter ride, Tilting Bucket ride, Sun Moon ride etc.

There were also many water rides. I went on the boat ride, the different waterslides and the wave pool.

A bumper car ride

There was also a bumper cars arena which was extremely fun. After playing with the rides, I went to the playground. There were many other children playing and I enjoyed myself with my siblings.

I had an incredible experience at Ocean Park and I hope you liked reading my blog.

Written by- Khushal

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