A Visit to Kufri

Have you been to a hill station? Read about Partapjit’s experience at Kufri.

Hi everyone!

In this blog I will share my experience at Kufri, which is a hill station near Shimla. We travelled by road and since it was a long journey, we had some delicious food on the way.

Once we reached our hotel, we were all very tired. We rested in our hotel room that day.

Kufri market

The next day we went shopping. There were many attractive things like shawls, wooden items and other handicrafts in the local Kufri market. There were also yak rides around the market. It was my first experience sitting on a yak. After all the shopping ,we were tired and returned to our hotel. We ordered some delicious yet spicy food and went to bed.

The next day we woke up late and got ready to visit the market again. While waiting for everyone to get ready, we also clicked some pictures together. We went to the market to do some fun activities.

Horse riding at Kufri

We went horse riding. My horse was brown in colour and my father’s horse was white. The horses climbed the hill slopes. My mother got scared as the horses ascended fearing she would fall but they were all well trained and safely returned us back to the pick up spot.

It was an enjoyable trip and I wanted it to last some more days. I hope you liked reading about my experience in my blog.

Written by- Partapjit Singh

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