A Visit to Nainital

Hi everyone! 

This is a blog about my experience visiting the hill station of Nainital. I went to Nainital with my family by road. We travelled in our own car. 

Naini Lake

First, we visited the Naini Lake which is a beautiful lake in the centre of Nainital. We went boating on the lake. It was a wonderful experience. After enjoying the boat ride, we had lunch. We had some delicious noodles for lunch.

Mall Road, Nainital

Later, we went to the famous Mall Road of Nainital. We played games in the play zone and ate ice cream. 

Finally, we went to play in the snow before returning to our hotel. We had a lot of fun hurling snowballs at each other and lying on the soft, white snow. 

It was a fun experience and I hope you liked reading about it on my blog.

Written by- Onish Bhatia

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