A Fun Trip to Goa

Have you ever been to Goa? Jayden shares about his fun trip to Goa. Happy reading!

Hi everyone! 

This blog is about my experience in Goa two years ago.

It was my first trip to Goa and a very memorable one. I went to Goa in the month of October along with my family. We went by airplane while we returned via a train. The hotel that we stayed in Goa was a gorgeous place with delicious food and a swimming pool. I had a fun stay with my parents.

In Goa, we visited the popular beaches, museums and churches. We also went shopping for some exotic items in the Goan markets.

Night cruise on Mandovi river

One evening, we went on a cruise over the Mandovi river. It was a delightful experience.

The train ride back home was very relaxing after the invigorating Goa experience. I loved the trip and hope you liked reading my blog!

Written by- Jayden Savio Lobo

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