Paint to Magic

Do you like to paint? Read to find out how a girl practices painting and loves it so much that she gets a magical power.

Once upon a time, there lived a girl named Sara. She was a very hardworking girl. She wanted to become an artist. Every day she would wake up early and practice her skills. She would spend hours painting and perfecting her drawings.

Many years went by and Sara began making beautiful artworks. Her drawings were so realistic that people couldn’t identify them as paintings. One day, an old lady came into her house as she was painting. The lady said she was very hungry and wanted something to eat.

Without hesitating, Sara ran to her kitchen and gave the lady all the food that she had. The lady ate everything and smiled.

She blessed Sara and said, “For your kindness, I give you a boon. From today, everything that you draw will come to life.”

And in a blink of an eye, the lady vanished. Sara could not believe her words. 

She decided to try it out. She was very hungry and she had given all her food to the lady. So she drew a loaf of bread. Instantly, there was a real loaf of bread on her table. Sara was elated and happily munched on her food. 

From that day onwards, Sara did not have to struggle anymore and spend all her time helping people with her art.

Written by- Lakshmi R K

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