The Clever Fox

In this story about a fox and a crow, we learn how intelligence and wit can help us achieve our goals.

Once upon a time, there lived a crow in a village. He was a naughty crow and would always steal food from the houses in the village. 

Even if the people in the village would provide him with food, he would create a nuisance and trouble everyone by sneaking into their houses.

All the villagers were angry with the crow but they did not know how to teach him a lesson. One day, a fox arrived in the village. He was very hungry and started looking for food.

He saw the crow ignoring the food given by the villagers and instead stealing the food from their houses. He decided to cheat the crow out of his food and also teach him a lesson. 

He hid some stale food inside a house and waited for the crow to arrive. 

As usual, the crow ignored the good food provided by the villagers and instead flew into the house and took the stale food. As soon as he bit into the food, he gagged on the terrible taste. 

He realised that he was tricked and when he returned to the food given by the villagers, he saw that the fox had already eaten all of his food. 

This taught the crow a lesson never to steal again. 

Written by- Abeer

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