Do Not Waste Food

Do you think it is nice to waste food? There are many people in the world who don’t get enough food to eat. Read on to find out what happens when one girl decides to throw her food away.

Once upon a time, there were two friends called Preeti and Sonam. Preeti was a kind girl who liked to help people but Sonam was rude.

One day the two friends went to the zoo. They walked around the zoo looking at the different animals till they felt hungry. Their parents had packed them tiffins so they decided to eat.

Preeti finished her food and waited for Sonam to finish eating. While Sonam was eating, a poor girl came towards them and asked them to share some food. The girl looked hungry and miserable.

Sonam scrunched her nose and yelled at the girl, “Get away!”

The girl sadly walked away. A few minutes later, Sonam walked up to the dustbin and dumped all her remaining food into it. Preeti was observing her friend and did not like her actions.

After some time, Sonam felt a sudden pain in her stomach. She started crying and said to Preeti, “I don’t know what has happened. The pain is so sudden.”

Hearing her cry, Preeti remarked, “You did not share your food with the poor girl and instead threw it all in the dustbin. You wasted your food and God has punished you for that.”

Sonam realised her mistake and felt sorry for her actions. She promised never to waste food again.

Written by- Raunak

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