Jerry, The Dog

Do you like dogs? Puppy, the dog gets lost while following a box. Read to find out how he gets back home.

Once upon a time, there was a dog named Puppy. He was a very active dog and loved to play with new things everyday.

One day, he saw an empty box lying on the road in front of his house. Puppy ran to the gate and pushed it gently. The gate was open and Puppy happily ran on the road.

A strong breeze blew at that moment and the box flew away. Puppy barked aloud and began following the box.

After some time, he got tired and decided to return home. But he had lost his way back.

Back at home, Puppy’s owners were searching for him everywhere. The dad walked out and began looking for him.

As he walked on the road, he heard a faint bark coming from the football ground. He walked towards the ground and found Puppy sitting dejected in the corner.

They were reunited and the dad brought Puppy back home.

Written by- V. Raghav Shravan

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