A Visit to Mayapur

Have you ever been to Mayapur? Adeetya shares about his fun trip. Happy reading!

Hi everyone! 

This blog is about my experience visiting Mayapur.

I live in Kampa Chakla gram panchayat. I travelled to Mayapur with my family. My father booked a car  and we left the house at 8:00 AM in the morning.

We took the Bongaon Road and after half an hour we reached the NH 34 Road. We were having fun and the driver told us where we were and what was the name of the roads.

We saw a large field and after crossing it, we saw the Moulana Abdul Kalam University and the BSF camp on Boro Jaguli road.

We passed the road which goes to the AIIMS hospital. We also saw the Great Flipkart Warehouse which is India’s largest shopping warehouse.

After an hour we reached the Swami Vivekananda hospital. And then around 9:11 am, we took the Chakdaha road. We had to wait a long time in the traffic jam. At 9:45 am we passed the Rana Ghat Bridge. We entered Mayapur at 11:20 am.

First, we visited the Lord Krishna Mandir. After parking our car,  we went to Gita Bhavan to collect food coupons. But when we reached the reception for coupons, we could not get them and had to leave.

But the amazing thing is that my father got coupons from Namahatta Bhavan. Then we went to see Lord Krishna.

We stayed there for sometime and sang the Hare Krishna song. After that, we went to a shop where we can get things for Puja. The shop was attached to the temple. Then, we entered the Namahatta Bhavan and enjoyed eating Lord Krishna’s bhog. In the Namahatta Bhavan more than 800 people can eat together. And in the Gada Bhavan, 1000 people can eat.

After that, we went to a playground beside the Namahatta Bhavan and rested for some time. And around 2:30 pm we left and around 5:15 pm in the evening, we reached home. That was an amazing trip. It was about a 162 kms journey in total.

I hope you liked reading my blog on Mayapur.

Written by- Adeetya Kanti Bharati

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