As a company, we really believe in communities, strongly. Communities hold us together in tough times. And propell us ahead in good times.

Individually, we are who we are because of the community support from our extended families, from our neighbourhood, from our city, and our country. From the organisations we are part of. From niche hobby groups we have joined. Or classes we have attended. Or from the Sunday morning jogging groups we are part of.

At Freadom we nurture a strong community of our app users and live class students. Check out our newsletters:

  1. Freadom Buzz
  2. It Takes a Village

We also nurture a community of schools – owners, principals, teachers – called Club1BR. It’s a mission driven community to raise 1 Billion Readers. Check out the Club1BR website and community page! Also read more about various activities:

  1. Club1BR events
  2. Club1BR newsletter

Started in 2009, our company has one of the strongest community initiatives for English language development for all stakeholders – parents, teachers, principals, school owners, and kids. Do join!