Always at the center of our attention!

Personalised 1:1 online English classes for kids 8-10 years old.

Why it works?

Honing more than just speaking skills

This is a complete language immersion with equal emphasis on Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Vocabulary and Grammar (LSRW+).

A global programme for young learners

This age-appropriate programme is created by experienced English specialists from Harvard and Stanford and is focused on the educational and psychological needs of kids 8-12 years old.

Designed by the best, delivered by the best

Our curriculum is backed with 10 years of rigorous research in schools and classrooms across the country. All our teachers are English language experts, trained in online teaching.

Focussed attention, faster results

Is your child's presence going unnoticed in the classroom? Our programme is designed to ensure that your child is at the centre of attention to yield better academic results.

Practice makes perfect!

Each session is action packed with activities like storytelling, debate and role play that are designed to take students beyond rote learning and set them up for all-round success.

Your first class is just a few steps away

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Our expert teachers

Here's what you get!

Flexible Timing

Choose a slot that aligns with your work schedule, when your child is at their productive best.

Track Progress

Track your child’s learning and performance with our Rubric Report after every 15 classes.

Freadom Premium Support

Get faster responses and personalized help on all your questions from a dedicated support manager

Bilingual Expert Teachers

Our bilingual teachers are committed to make young learners feel comfortable and motivated as they pick up English as their second language

Liberty to choose a teacher

Select highly skilled teachers from any part of the country who can work best with your child.

Access to Freadom Reading App

Avail a free, quarterly subscription to our learning app with more than 18K minutes of content for good screen time.

Our plans

Rapid Reader

  • Skill based projects: 1
  • Special guest classes: 2
  • One last specialthing: 1s

Confident Speaker

  • Skill based projects: 1
  • Special guest classes: 4
  • One last specialthing: 1s

Superb Storyteller

  • Skill based projects: 3
  • Special guest classes: 6
  • One last specialthing: 1s

All plans come with Carnegie Mellon Speech Fluency Certification.

Carnegie Speech Company is the premier developer of software for assessing and teaching spoken language skills. You’ll get a detailed assessment of your child’s spoken English and a certificate worth $200 with your Freadom One plan.

Trusted by thousands of parents.

Join our community of thousands of happy and excited young learners and proud parents!

My daughter Anya* who is in grade 1 had a pet show in school. She prepared for it on her own, writing and practicing the entire talk of 10 sentences by herself. Her school teacher was very much appreciative of the content, flow and presentation of her topic. The talk was of another level itself! 😊 Thanks to Freadom Live classes and the teacher for building her confidence!​
Anya's Mother

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