LiLBI Kindergarten Curriculum

Karishma Mahbubani

Curriculum Developer

LiLBI Kindergarten Curriculum is developed by leading pedagogue Dr Karishma M, author of 100+ books for ages 2-6, and co-creator of the BLPS product.

The LiLBI Kindergarten Curriculum

The LiLBI Kindergarten Curriculum is created in collaboration with BLPS partner schools who found the existing options unsuited for their needs. It is a balanced, practical, pre-primary curriculum built on storybooks and theme-based classroom engagements.

Are You Facing These Problems?

You have a curriculum from a “reputed publisher” in kindergarten and you have trained teachers.

But when you visit these KG classes:

  • The children are passive, and not asking questions.
  • They would rather watch a video than read a book.
  • The teacher is trying but a holistic learning environment is missing.

The primary teachers are complaining that:

  • The children are not able to read sight words from the Fry list.
  • The children are not able to grasp concepts.
  • Their conceptual foundation is weak.

LiLBI is designed for you.

Our aim is to provide early literacy and cross-curricular learning experiences.

LiLBI’s Key Features

  • Storybooks and storytelling provide the primary context for learning.
  • Learning modules are theme-based.
  • They are developmentally appropriate.
  • They present opportunities to explore key concepts and skills.
  • The delivery is through play and activity-based engagements.


LiLBI combines theme-based approach + activity-based learning + inquiry-based learning methodologies for a balanced approach to early years’ learning.

LiLBI children are

Effective Communicators

They listen well, speak clearly and have good language skills.

Curious Explorers

They display a strong desire to learn, to think independently and to ask questions.

Uniquely Individual

They have a sense of identity. An understanding of their place in the world. They have respect for values, and their personality and self-worth is getting formed.

How Does it Work?

LiLBI is a core LKG and UKG curriculum designed for the whole academic year – 4 sessions/day for 200 days. We provide books, supporting material and training.

Our Deliverables

Students Each child gets 10 high-quality picture books and 3 thematic workbooks.
ClassroomsEach classroom gets a library, big wordless books, posters, flashcards, and digital resources.
Teachers All teachers get daily and monthly planners, development checklists, workshops and support.

Deliverables for Students



10 thematic high quality, award-winning picture books to hook the students into the theme.


Activity Books

Colourful, Engaging workbooks based on the themes to achieve the development goals for the child.

Wondering what your students will think of the books? Ask for a sample!

Email: or call Prateek: 8122074425 right now!

Deliverables for Teachers


Daily planners

The Why and How of the classroom engagements; The go-to book for the teacher for practical tools to implement the program.


Monthly planners

Overview of the month’s engagements that cover literacy, book-based, EVS and activity-based sessions and their learning outcomes for 10 months.


Developmental Progress Checklists

For each theme, a checklist of measurable, verifiable learning outcomes to assess the progress of the students.



High-impact workshops in your school to deliver effective classroom sessions.

Deliverables for Classrooms


Classroom Library

A carefully curated set of age-appropriate and fun picture books and storybooks for each classroom.


Big Wordless Books

Large-sized versions of the thematic storybooks that encourage picture conversations and sequencing of images.


Posters and Flashcards

The walls of your classroom will come alive with thematic content. The text and picture flashcards will aid in building vocabulary for the students.


Digital Resources

Deep learning activities, YouTube playlists of rhymes and songs, pdf printables, and resources that can be used with the smartboard.

LiLBI Kindergarten Curriculum Logo

Key Takeaways

  • Child Centric – The LiLBI Kindergarten Curriculum is focussed on the student’s development.
  • Engaging Content – There is a focus on award-winning storybooks and picture books.
  • Easy to Implement – It saves time for the teacher. Instead of planning, she can implement.
  • Easy to Integrate – LiLBI can be easily integrated into an existing school’s framework of Math, PE, arts, and co-curricular classes.