fREADdom App = Stories + GK + Activities

The fREADdom App is the only productive screen time and positive engagement app for kids of ages 3-12 that focuses on improving English Language.


We felt guilty that our kids are wasting hours on screens ... so we built a productive engagement app - fREADom.

Productive Screen-time
+ English Learning

fREADom combines productive screen-time + positive engagement + English language learning in 1 app. Children of ages 3-12 can read, listen to, or watch stories; do skill-based activities; play langauge games; write and publish stories; and much more.

Stories and GK

Read, listen to, or watch stories from top authors, and also from other children. Plus facts and news to improve GK.

Activities and Games

Designed with care by English teachers, activities and games allow for children to gain English language skills.

Become an Author

fREADom children can become authors on the fREADom app by publishing their essays, stories, poems, and books.


Get fREADom

Join hundreds of thousands of happy parents who have chosen the fREADom app for their children's screen-time. Discover the joy of productive engagement combined with language education.

12+ years in language education - Since 2009

We started as school and after school programmes in 2009 - to promote English reading among children. In 2016, we launched the fREADom app as a fully developed environment for the child to read stories and do much more.

  • Story books
  • Audio books
  • Video stories
  • Fascinating facts
  • Positive news
  • Expert curators
  • Skill-based activities
  • English language games
  • Child-safe approach
  • Reward points + streaks
  • Leaderboards
  • Progress reports

Research based approach

An active research and collaboration project with Standford University improves the in-app recommendation system to increase engagement in educational content. Learning outcomes are emphasised in the educational journey.

What Parents Say About Freadom

The fREADom app is used by hundreds of thousands of parents with thousands of positive reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

The fREADom app is a positive engagement and productive screen-time app meant for improving English language. Children can read stories, news, facts; do skill-based activities, play language games; write and publish stories. This is a great replacement for YouTube Kids and other negatively addictive screen-time apps.

We use advanced AI algorithms to recommend content and personalise the app for your child. To make these work, we need to collect some details. All details we collect are protected under our privacy policy.

These are codes offered under our bundled products and promotions done at schools across India. If your school is part of such an activity, you might receive a WOW code from your school.

Yes you can but you have to register via the same phone number in each device. And it can be used only for the registered children.

You can use the app for upto 3 children. You will need to create a new profile for each of them and switch profiles when each child is using the app.