A Book for Puchku


Puchku loves reading. But, oh no, it looks like she has run out of books to read!

Wait . . . she’s just discovered more books on the top shelf of the library bookcase. Wow, there are so many that she has never read before! However, Puchku is quite short, and the bookcase very tall.

How will she ever get to her beloved books?

Awards won: This book won the Best of Indian Children’s Writing (BICW) Award in 2019 for the theme Fun for the age 7-9 yrs. It won the Children’s Book of the Year awarded by the Publishing Next Awards.

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Puchku reads all the time — at home, in school, in the park, in bed.
Page after page, book after book, one by one, she has read them all.

Boltu and Dodla don’t understand her fascination with books. But Puchku knows that to read is to enter a whole new world! 📖

However, while at the library one day, Puchku realizes that she’s run out of books to read.

But wait! What’s that over there? Why, three more shelves FULL of books! 📚

There’s just one teeny-tiny problem . . . literally. Puchku is too short to reach the top of the towering bookcase.

Hmm, what is the best way for Puchku to reach her beloved books?

Read this delightful story to find out!

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