Balu’s Basket


Balu notices an abandoned basket on his way home from school. When he decides to keep it, a series of adventures commence!

Armed with his new find, he helps a string of people along the way by putting the basket to clever use.

For a light and fun take on an old folk tale, pick up this book!

Awards won: This book won the Best of Indian Children’s Writing (BICW) Award in 2018 for the theme Food for the age 5-7 yrs.

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When Balu finds a basket lying on the road, he doesn’t realise how useful it will turn out to be!

From catching the egg-seller’s runaway chickens to shielding his friend from the pouring rain, there’s nothing that this deceptively ordinary basket can’t fix! 🐥🌧 What’s more — every time Balu helps someone, they give him a juicy fruit in return.

By the end of his journey, how many fruits will Balu collect? 🍈🍊🍌

With bright, clean pictures and a cheerful backdrop, this is an innovative story that shows a child coming up with different ways to use a simple household object. It also conveys the important message that a helping hand is always appreciated!

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