Camp Sweets: Monster Fun at Summer Camp


While the other boys are learning to swim and hike this summer, Raj is stuck at a camp that teaches children how to make sweets – a fact he cannot digest.

Raj begins his stay at Camp Sweets, determined to sulk. Slowly, however, he starts to make friends and gets caught up in his fellow campers’ enthusiasm for the camp. Could it be that he’s enjoying himself?

For a tale filled with as much humour as it is with jalebis and rasgullas, pick up this book!

Awards won: This book won the Best of Indian Children’s Writing (BICW) Award in 2019 for the theme Friendship for the age 9-11 yrs.

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“A fun, adventure camp?” Raj said, bitterly. “I am going to Camp Sweets! Can you think of any boy at school who is going to Camp Sweets?”

Raj is going to what has to be the worst summer camp ever—Camp Sweets, where they teach children how to become expert sweet-makers. Yes, his mother is the owner of the Tasty Mithai Bhandar that serves the best gulab jamuns, jalebis, rasgullas and other delectable confections in town. But has anyone ever asked him what he wants? Certainly not to be anywhere near laddoos and imartis. Grumpy and annoyed, he turns up at Camp Sweets determined to not learn anything.

Yet, there are boys and girls here who adore sweets. As Raj whips up one Indian dessert after another, he finds that with all the crazy cooking and new friendships, Camp Sweets is a summer camp like no other. And the kitchen is where monstrously sweet adventures begin . . .

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