Catch That Cat!


When her friend’s cat, Kaapi, gets lost, Dip Dip goes off to look for it—on the road, inside dustbins, under bushes, everywhere.

And when Kaapi finally climbs up a tree and can’t come down, the only thing to do is . . . ?

The exuberant illustrations blend with a delightful story that captures the spirit of a little girl for whom being on a wheelchair stops her from nothing!

Awards won: This book won the Best of Indian Children’s Writing (BICW) Award in 2018 for the theme Lost and Found for the age 6-9 yrs.

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Dip Dip is the kind of child who has enough energy for ten people!

She whizzes through the school corridors, plays with the monkeys through the window, and starts most of the food fights at break time. 🏫🐵🍝

But her parents and teachers know that she’s a helpful child who’s only having fun. This is proven when she sets out determined to find her friend’s lost cat, Kaapi.

Behind houses, inside dustbins, under bushes — Dip Dip searches high and low, but Kaapi is nowhere to be found . . . wait!

Is that a brown streak disappearing down the hill? 🐈

Dip Dip zooms after the naughty cat in her speedy wheelchair. Will she finally catch it?

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