Domestic International School


A school in the middle of an airport? That’s Domestic International School for you.

Buckle up and journey along with the students of classroom MS 274 at the Domestic International School. ✈ This school has classrooms designed like the inside of an aeroplane, a PT master who likes to sing, a principal who sits at the top of the air traffic control tower, a haunted detention room, and even the occasional plane making an emergency landing. What happens when all this comes together?

Written by stand-up comedian, Soda, this is a genuinely weird book. And funny.

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Hi! We’re going to a school you’ve probably never heard of. It’s called The Domestic International School. If the words “Domestic” and “International” remind you of an airport, you’re very smart. If you didn’t think of an airport, that’s fine. You’re no less smart. The school stands in the middle of an airport. Hence its name. Earlier, passengers used this space to wait for their flights, browse at the stalls, or watch aeroplanes land and take off. None of that happens now because Mr. Vimaan, the owner of the land, decided to close down the airport two years ago. He was all set to sell it when his son Mr. Vaayuputran suggested they turn it into a school.

Every classroom is designed like a passenger airliner with push-back seats and seat belts. The staff dresses as cabin crew. Students can wear anything they please. In Principal Mr. Vaayuputran’s words, “As long as they wear something we shouldn’t bother.” Students can enter classrooms only if they get a boarding pass 15 minutes in advance from the check-in-counter. Buckle up and journey along with the students of classroom MS 274 at the Domestic International School.

Domestic International School revolves around an axis of weird. Dive into the world and find funny puns, rib-tickling situations, and much more.

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