Dungi Dance


Dungi the sheep is bored because all that her flock does all day long is to chew in the same green grassy fields. No one wants to talk or sing but chew and chew.

One day, Dungi wanders off. As the wind blows, a lungi lands on her from a nearby clothes line. Dungi tries to take the lungi off, shakes her leg, and slowly grooves into a dance.

Read this dance drama story to move and groove, clap and tap to Dungi’s dhinchak beat.

Awards won: This book won the Best of Indian Children’s Writing (BICW) Award in 2018 for the theme Fun for the age 6-8 yrs.

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Dungi, the sheep, is bored. All day long she grazes in the grassy field with her huge family and all they do is chew, chew, and chew.

One day, she decides to wander off. Dungi comes to a lakeside where a few men and women are washing clothes and hanging them on a line to dry. Whooosh, blows the wind and a lungi falls on Dungi.

Dungi tries to kick it off. At first, with her left leg out . . . DHINCHAK DINCHAK! Then she tries to move her right leg out . . . DHUM DHUM DHUM! Then . . . DHUP DHUP DHUP! Dungi begins to dance in the lungi and she loves it.  Dungi dances all the way back to the other sheep, but she realizes that everyone is staring and frowning at her!

Read this hilarious story by Bhavna Jain Bhuta to find out how Dungi steps out of line and brings the flock to move and groove, clap and tap. Kavita Singh Kale’s eye-catching visuals bring to life the dance and drama in a woolly world.

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