Frank Goes To The Market


It’s Frank’s first trip to the market and he’s thrilled.

Beans and greens; beets and sweets. Everywhere he turns, there’s something interesting to look at!

But, caught up in the excitement of exploration, he loses sight of his mother! Oh no, how will he ever track her down in this crowded marketplace?

Follow Frank’s adventure to find out!

Awards won: This book won the Best of Indian Children’s Writing (BICW) Award in 2019 for the theme Food for the age 5-7 yrs.

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It’s time to step into a busy market.

Frank accompanies his mother to a bustling market for the first time. The baskets piled high with ripe fruits, the carts brimming with fresh vegetables, the scent of tangy spices in the air . . . Frank soaks it all in! 🥝🥕🌶

Unfortunately, he’s so absorbed in his new surroundings that he wanders off and finds himself lost. Poor Frank! 😰 Now he has to search for his mother among the countless stalls and throngs of people in the marketplace.

Follow Frank’s adventure to find out if he tracks Mama down!

This is a great book to talk about stepping out and being brave. It’s also an excellent way to introduce your child to a traditional vegetable market.

Trivia: The author once worked as a tour guide in a market just like the one in this book. The illustrator, who had a similar “lost and found” experience as a kid, sees the dog in this book as an angel watching over Frank.

The Little Book Lovers’ Reading Series employs strategies to reinforce pre-reading skills. Set in recognisable Indian environments, these stories aim to engage a child and make reading fun. Look for:

  • Rhythm and Rhyme
  • Picture to text correspondence
  • Easy words
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