fREADom Pack Ages 8-10


In the world of books, we firmly believe in the adage - the more, the merrier. Children love reading about children who are the same age as them. Take a look at our book set for children in grades 3 to 5. Each title is available at roughly 10% discount and there's a further 10% discount on total (auto-applied)! Wohoo!

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Has your child been a reader since they are young? Or is it a hobby they stumbled upon recently? Do they like mystery stories or spooky tales? Do you feel like finding the right books for them is a struggle? Don’t worry. That’s exactly why we put together this book set.

This book set is meant for children between the ages of 7 and 10. This is the age when they begin understanding what themes are and look for something more than a simple story to keep them engaged. They connect stories they read with things that happen around them. So, for the child who wants to solve a mystery and the child who loves to hear a scary story, here is the Freadom Book Set.

Buy this book set for your child and leave us a review to let us know how much your child enjoyed them.


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