I Won’t Eat That


Every time we hear a child say, “Aaaaa! I can’t eat that!”,¬† do we stop to think about what is running through the child’s head at that moment?

Here’s a book that dwells on this side of things.

Though Appa tries his best to get Chinna to try the delicious food that he painstakingly cooks for her every day, she refuses each time.

It’s the same story on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

What happens on Thursday?

Dive into this fun-filled imaginative story by the award-winning children’s writer Lavanya Karthik and pore over the details in Pia Alize Hazarika’s immersive visuals to find out.

This book is on the shortlist of Peek A Book’s Children’s Choice Awards, 2019!

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This is a hilarious, heart-warming portrayal of a father-daughter relationship. It places equal emphasis on the scale of a chid’s imagination as well as the quiet resourcefulness of a doting parent.

On Monday, Chinna is acting out the story of a princess and a wizard. Appa asks her to try his yummy aloo paratha and curd. She refuses, picturing Appa as an evil wizard, who has her trapped in a dark room filled with bats, asking her to sample food that gives off suspicious green fumes.

So Chinna has bread and butter for lunch.

On Tuesday, Chinna is building a house of blocks for her pet dinosaur. Appa comes to her room with a plate of delectable tomato rice. Chinna makes a face, imagining Appa handing her a serving of food, while she is cornered against the wall of a smelly cave, with a large dinosaur looking in.

So Chinna has bread and butter for lunch.

On Wednesday, Appa meets Chinna at the balcony when she is a pirate sailing her paper boat through choppy waters. He carries a bowl of the most inviting spaghetti. Chinna doesn’t budge. In her head, she sees herself fighting Pirate-Appa as he holds a bowl from which a slimy, green octopus grows.

So Chinna has bread and butter for lunch.

On Thursday, Appa gives Chinna her bread and butter. Then he sits down and takes a bite of his own lunch.

How does this pan out?

Complete with interesting, new vocabulary (such as “oopy”, “gluggy”, and “wuggy”) from the popular award-winning writer Lavanya Karthik and vibrant, eye-catching illustrations from Pia Alize Hazarika, this is a book that is bound to entertain parents and children alike.

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