Lola and Chacko


Lola is playing a game of Fetch with her dog, Chacko, when she throws the ball a little too hard.

It disappears into the thick forest edging her house. The one her grandparents have always warned her against entering. But Lola’s worry for Chacko is greater than her fear of the forest.

So she goes in search of him . . . only to be confronted by a monster! Or is it something else? Will she and Chacko be alright?

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Meet Lola and her pet dog, Chacko! 👧🏽🐶

One day, during a game of Fetch, Chacko runs into the creepy forest next to Lola’s house and doesn’t return.

Lola has always been afraid of the forest. Her grandparents think it is too dangerous for a child to explore alone, and she has heard stories of the hideous monster living in its depths. 👹

But Chacko is her best friend and she is determined to find him. So she ventures into the dark gloom of the forest.

Will Lola and Chacko return home safely? Or will this so-called monster get to them first? 😱

With its striking illustrations and inspiring story of courage, this is the perfect read for your little one!

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