The World of Ramu and Ramya – Bundle Set – Age 2+

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Make your bundle / box set of the titles from the World of Ramu and Ramya series below. Each title is available at roughly 10% discount and there's a further 10% discount on total (auto-applied)! Wohoo! Choose the quantity (min 0, max 5) for each title:

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Ramu and Ramya are two lovable children and these stories are about their daily adventures. We’ve made these books with love, for Indian children.

These award-winning books are perfect for emergent readers. We have used rhythm and rhyme so that the sentences can be sung. We’ve also used simple words that the children will understand easily. The sentences are uniformly positioned on every page which offers predictability. We’ve also used picture-text correspondence so that children don’t get confused.

These books are perfect for ages 2-6 when children are just picking up reading. Choose your favourite titles and make your own value set from the books in this series.


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