Mangoes and Mischief


The summer holidays are here! Malu and Moidooty are soaking it up.

While Moidooty loves playing with Malu, he’s also very fond of mangoes. His thoughts are so full of mangoes that, one day, he doesn’t feel like playing anymore! Malu picks up a pebble, takes aim, and throws it at a mango tree.

The stone hits the dreaded monster Maangasura instead! He is so angry that he curses Moidootty. “You’ll be spitting little mangoes every time you speak.”

What will the children do now?

Awards won: This book won the Best of Indian Children’s Writing (BICW) Award in 2018 for the theme Friendship for the age 6-9 yrs.

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Moidooty and Malu are on their Summer break. They play every day: rolling marbles, flying kites, fishing . . .

One day, Moidooty doesn’t want to play anymore because he isn’t able to think of anything else besides mangoes. His friend Malu picks up a pebble, aims for the juiciest mango, and throws it. But it hits Maangasura, a mango-loving monster, instead!

Maangasura curses Moidooty that every time he opens his mouth to speak, little mangoes will come tumbling out. What will Malu and Moidooty do now?

Trivia: This book was originally written for Pratham Books’ Storyweaver platform. It became so popular that it was re-illustrated! The author, Sreedevi, has toured many cities and schools narrating the story to thousands of children.

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