Merry the Elephant and Baby Kiki


Merry is meeting her baby cousin, Kiki, for the first time. She can’t wait to hold her. But there’s just one problem. The baby won’t stop crying! Can Merry come up with a plan to calm her down?

This book, co-written by Karishma and Nayanika and illustrated by Pia, subtly teaches children about patience and gives little learners the opportunity to learn about extended family members.

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Merry is so excited! She’s finally going to meet her baby cousin sister, Kiki, for the first time. All Merry wants to do is hold Kiki, who is sleeping peacefully.


A loud noise wakes Kiki up! Kiki does not stop crying.

Uncle Bo tries to calm her down with a rattle. Aunty Jiya makes funny faces. Papa sings to her and Mummy rocks her back and forth. But nothing works!

Merry comes up with a plan to calm her cousin down. Will it work?

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