Merry the Elephant and the Diwali Lamps


It’s Diwali!

Merry the Elephant is at Gee’s house for a Diwali celebration. The children make a rangoli drawing and decorate the house with flowers and lamps.

But not everyone is enjoying the party.

What’s bothering Gee’s grandfather?

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It’s Diwali time! ✨🎇✨

Gee invites everyone to his house for a huge Diwali celebration. Merry brings the perfect Diwali gift – lamps, of course! 🪔

At Gee’s house, Merry wants to light all the lamps. But they are not allowed to use matchsticks without any elders present. What do they do?

Rino brings out two rolled-up papers from inside the house. Together, they light all the lamps. 🪔

But what is Grandfather searching for inside the house? Oh no! Did Merry and Rino burn something valuable? 😧

This beautiful tale gently addresses the number one rule for a safe Diwali – fire safety!

The Little Book Lovers’ Reading Series employs strategies to reinforce pre-reading skills. The stories, set in recognisable Indian environments, aim to engage a child and make reading fun. Look for:

  • Sight words
  • Detailed illustrations
  • Picture to text correspondence
  • Activities


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