Merry the Elephant Series – Set of 10 Books – Ages 4+

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Make your bundle / box set of the titles from the Merry the Elephant's series below. Each title is available at roughly 10% discount and there's a further 10% discount on total (auto-applied)! Wohoo! Choose the quantity (min 0, max 5) for each title:

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At Ms Moochie Books, we strive to create the kind of children’s books that we did not have while growing up. Thus, our titles are set in recognisable Indian contexts and are wholly contemporary. Unlike the mainstream process of publishing which leaves out the child entirely, our storytellers take our tales to classrooms and get sound feedback that is incorporated into the edits. This way, we ensure that our books engage the demographic for which they have been written.

This set contains the following Merry the Elephant books:

  • Merry the Elephant
  • Merry the Elephant’s Paper Plane
  • Merry the Elephant’s Show and Tell
  • Merry the Elephant’s Rainy Day
  • Merry the Elephant’s Dance Class
  • Merry the Elephant and the Diwali Lamps
  • Merry the Elephant’s Banana Feast
  • Merry the Elephant and Baby Kiki
  • Merry the Elephant and the Firefighter
  • Merry the Elephant’s Water Hunt

Note : The recommended age group for these books is Regular 5+ | Advanced 3+ | Storytelling 2+


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