Mr X – The Storyteller


Nine-year-old Maya is determined not to let Mr X into her life.

You see: he’s the man Amma has fallen in love with, eight years after her father passed away. Maya refuses to like him until he tells her a good story.

Will Mr X’s tenacious attempts to win over Maya succeed?

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Excerpt from the book:

Maya’s father had passed away when she was only a year old. Now, after eight long years, her mother had fallen in love. When her mother told her, Maya didn’t know how to react at first. She thought about it. Only if she talked to the man would she be able to form an opinion of him, she decided.

On the appointed day, Mr X came home to meet Maya who started their conversation by asking, “Will you tell me a story?”

So he did.

“A very long time ago there was a very dangerous volcano. Every now and then it would erupt. When this happened, a little bit of lava flowed from the top of the volcano, down the mountainside and into the village. Every time it erupted, the villagers sacrificed a dog.”

“Why would they do that?” Maya cut in.

“They believed that the volcano erupted because it was hungry. They wanted to give the volcano something to eat,” Mr X reasoned.

“Your villagers are stupid!”

“Well, so they may have been. But it was their custom. They did so for hundreds of years,” Mr X said calmly.

“Then they’re even more stupid. They were stupid for hundreds of years!” Maya exclaimed.

Mr X sighed. He had to make friends with Maya if he ever hoped to become her dad. And it didn’t look easy.

“Mr X, you should know that my father was an excellent storyteller. Unless you can tell stories as well as my father, I will not allow you to marry my mother.”

Mr X nodded. He had 24 hours to come up with a good story.

When Amma falls in love again, eight years after Appa passes away, Maya is reluctant to accept Mr X. There’s no way he can become a replacement father-figure! She won’t allow it.

But Mr X genuinely wants them to become friends. So they make a deal: if he can tell her a good story, she’ll let him marry her mother.

Unfortunately, Mr X’s forte lies in numbers and not words. Will he manage to hold up his end of the bargain?

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