Not My Long Blue Skirt


Princess Uma’s room is crammed with all sorts of things: board games and paper kites, colourful balls and outgrown clothing.

So her mother, the Queen, gives away some of these clothes to the neighbouring children . . . including Uma’s favourite long blue skirt!

Can Princess Uma learn the value in sharing and the importance of letting go?


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Trains and robots and crayons and books. 🚂🤖🖍📚 The list of things in Princess Uma’s room is never-ending and some of them need to be cleared out!

Uma’s mother, the Queen, notices the cupboard in the corner of the room – filled to bursting with clothes. “None of these fit you any longer and I’d like to give them away to children who can use them.”

Much to Uma’s dismay, her favourite long blue skirt is among the bundle of clothes given away. 😥

Longingly, she watches the neighbouring kids wearing the skirt every day. Does their joy make Uma feel better about parting with it?

Can she finally learn to let go?

Popular award-winning children’s author Nandini Nayar explores just how hard children hold on to the things they consider special in this engaging story, finely illustrated by Darshika Varma.

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