Pre Primary Activity and Story book Bundle – Age 4+ (Set of 5)


This LiLBI Combo Pack is the perfect companion to your child’s learning journey! Introduce concepts recommended by the NCERT through fun activities and highly-engaging storybooks. This combo pack includes:

  • A colourful, engaging workbook based on the themes – Safety, Nature, Plants and Trees, Games and Sports – to achieve the development goals for the child.
  • 4 thematic high-quality picture books to hook your child into falling in love with reading while learning important concepts at the same time.

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The LiLBI (Little Learner with Big Ideas) Kindergarten Curriculum is a balanced, practical, pre-primary curriculum built on storybooks and theme-based learning. This LiLBI Combo Pack includes:

  1. Their World – This activity book contains fun and simple activities around the themes – Safety, Nature, Plants and Trees, Games and Sports
  2. Frank Goes to the Market – It’s Frank’s first trip to the market and he’s thrilled. Beans and greens; beets and sweets. Everywhere he turns, there’s something interesting to look at! But, caught up in the excitement of exploration, he loses sight of his mother! Oh no, how will he ever track her down in this crowded marketplace? Follow Frank’s adventure to find out!
  3. The Big Bad Bull – Everyone on the farm is afraid of Azgul the bull! He butts the pig with his pointy horn and digs up all the farmer’s corn. He kicks the goat with his hard hoof and throws the poor cat on the roof. Led by Kiki crow, the whole farm decides to give him a taste of his own medicine. Will Azgul’s reign of terror finally come to an end?
  4. The Happy Place – A Ramya Story – Ramya is determined to care for her grandmother’s unkempt garden. She wants to surprise her dadi when she returns home from the hospital. But, as it turns out, gardening is no easy task! Ramya’s efforts are always plagued by setbacks. Moreover, the mischievous neighbourhood crow is determined to annoy her into quitting. Will Ramya give in to these odds or find a way to overcome them?


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