Pre Primary Activity and Story book Bundle – Age 4+ (Set of 5)


This LiLBI Combo Pack is the perfect companion to your child’s learning journey! Introduce concepts recommended by the NCERT through fun activities and highly-engaging storybooks. This combo pack includes:

  • A colourful, engaging workbook based on the themes – TransportHealth And Hygiene, Celebrations – to achieve the development goals for the child.
  • 4 thematic high-quality picture books to hook your child into falling in love with reading while learning important concepts at the same time.

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The LiLBI (Little Learner with Big Ideas) Kindergarten Curriculum is a balanced, practical, pre-primary curriculum built on storybooks and theme-based learning. This LiLBI Combo Pack includes:

  1. Our World – This activity book contains fun and simple activities around the themes – Transport,  Health And Hygiene, Celebrations.
  2. Ramu’s Ride – Ramu wants to ride a bike but Pa says four isn’t old enough. So Ramu is content with watching Sara pedal around on hers . . . until he is offered a ride! At first, he feels the wind in his hair. It’s so refreshing! But when the bike gets a flat, it spins out of control and knocks into several people and animals on its descent downhill. Now Ramu is reluctant to even touch a bike. How can he learn to ride safely while still having fun?
  3. Where is Bear’s Shoe? – Honk! Honk! Honk! Lulu bear’s school van is right around the corner, but where is her left shoe? Ah, there it is – up in that tree! But how can she get it down quickly? There must be a way . . . Aha! Lulu comes up with a plan to retrieve her shoe, but it’s a bit precarious. Does it eventually work? Also, who put the shoe up in the tree?
  4. Billy Chews – Chomp! Chomp! Chomp! Little Billy Goat loves chewing things. Perhaps a little too much. He doesn’t care what he chews as long as it’s chew-able! But when he chomps down on a stick of bubblegum, he accidentally blows a bubble and finds himself floating over the city. How will Billy make it out of this mess?
  5. New Year’s Party – It’s New Year’s Eve! Sana is left in charge of her little sister, Moti, at a party. The two girls run around, snacking on yummy cream buns and having so much fun. But, oh no . . . where has Moti disappeared all of a sudden? Sana has to follow the trail of clues, searching high and low for her sister. Can she find Moti before Mama realises she’s missing?


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