Pre Primary Early Learning Activity and Story book Bundle – Age 3+ (Set of 5)


This LiLBI Combo Pack is the perfect start to your child’s learning journey! Introduce concepts recommended by the NCERT through fun activities and highly-engaging storybooks. This combo pack includes:

  • A colourful, engaging workbook based on the themes – Food, Family, Community Helpers and Earth – to achieve the development goals for the child.
  • 4 thematic high-quality picture books to hook your child into falling in love with reading while learning important concepts at the same time.

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The LiLBI (Little Learner with Big Ideas) Kindergarten Curriculum is a balanced, practical, pre-primary curriculum built on storybooks and theme-based learning. This LiLBI Combo Pack includes:

  1. My Early Learning Book – This activity book contains fun and simple activities around the themes – Food, Family, Community Helpers and Earth.
  2. Merry the Elephant’s Banana Feast – Munch! Crunch! Slurp! It’s Banana Season in Care Nagar. Everyone in the neighbourhood has made a different kind of banana dish and Merry is invited to taste all of them. The treats are yummy but Merry is not happy. What is keeping her from enjoying the delicious food?
  3. Merry the Elephant and Baby Kiki – Merry is meeting her baby cousin, Kiki, for the first time. She can’t wait to hold her. But there’s just one problem. The baby won’t stop crying! Can Merry come up with a plan to calm her down? This book, co-written by Karishma and Nayanika and illustrated by Pia, subtly teaches children about patience and gives little learners the opportunity to learn about extended family members.
  4. Merry the Elephant and the Firefighter– Merry wants to become a firefighter and help people in danger. But when she sees the firefighter climbing a big ladder, she feels scared. Will Merry be brave enough to face her fears?
  5. Merry the Elephant’s Water Hunt – It’s summertime! Merry wants to take a dip in Fara’s pool. But there’s no water anywhere! Merry and her friends go on a hunt to find water but they soon realise that the problem is bigger than they ever imagined. Will they be able to solve this issue?


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