Pre Primary Early Learning Activity and Story book Bundle – Age 3+ (Set of 5)


This LiLBI Combo Pack is the perfect start to your child’s learning journey! Introduce concepts recommended by the NCERT through fun activities and highly-engaging storybooks. This combo pack includes:

  • A colourful, engaging workbook based on the themes – Fruits and vegetables, Seasons, My body and Festivals – to achieve the development goals for the child.
  • 4 thematic high-quality picture books to hook your child into falling in love with reading while learning important concepts at the same time.

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The LiLBI (Little Learner with Big Ideas) Kindergarten Curriculum is a balanced, practical, pre-primary curriculum built on storybooks and theme-based learning. This LiLBI Combo Pack includes:

  1. My Book of Fun – This activity book contains fun and simple activities around the themes – Fruits and vegetables, Seasons, My body and Festivals.
  2. Merry the Elephant’s Show and Tell – It’s Show and Tell day at school, yippee! The theme is ‘fruits and vegetables’ and every child has brought one to share with the class. Merry the Elephant brought a pomegranate but . . . uh-oh, where has it disappeared? Can Merry find her fruit and do a good job in front of her friends?
  3. Merry the Elephant’s Rainy Day – Plip-plop. Plip-plop. Down comes the pouring rain! Merry and her friends are safe and dry inside the warmth of their classroom. But look, here’s a ladybug still stuck outside in the cold and wet playground. Oh no, it’s in danger! Can the children find a way to help the little creature?
  4. Merry the Elephant’s Dance Class –  . . 5, 6, 7, 8! Merry the Elephant loves to dance. But there’s just one teeny-tiny problem: she can’t remember any of the steps! She keeps bumping into her friends and hurting them accidentally. Can Rino the Rhino help Merry remember the dance routine?
  5. Merry the Elephant and the Diwali Lamps – It’s Diwali! Merry the Elephant is at Gee’s house for a Diwali celebration. The children make a rangoli drawing and decorate the house with flowers and lamps. But not everyone is enjoying the party. What’s bothering Gee’s grandfather?


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