It is pouring rain. From her window, little Anju sees familiar scenes of a rainy day: cloudy skies, umbrellas, puddles . . .

But her curious eyes pick up other surprises too, while her imagination plays with the raindrops sliding down her window pane.

Soft watercolours drench the pages of this book with the mood of a wet, wet day.

Awards won: This book won the Best of Indian Children’s Writing (BICW) Award in 2018 for the theme Seasons for the age 6-8 yrs.

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When it rains, Anju likes to stand by the window watching the sea of colourful umbrellas move in front of her and look at the splashes caused by passing cars. ☂🚘

She sees passersby from all walks of life dealing with the needles of rain in their own way: some huddled under trees while others squeeze together at bus stops.

Oh look! There’s a little puppy nestled under a big, blue umbrella on the ground.

But Anju’s mother closes the window. “You will fall sick,” she says.

How will Anju entertain herself now? Will she find mesmerising patterns in the streaks of rain staining the window? Will she have one more chance to look at the adorable puppy?

If you’re searching for a feel-good, rainy day read . . . lo and behold, you’ve found it! 🌧

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