Rooster Raga


Ruru the little rooster can sing many ragas but not the Kukaroo Kuroo of other roosters! It’s Rooster Day tomorrow and Ruru has to call out the early morning Cock-A-Doodle-Do.

Ruru tries and tries but he can’t get it right. He turns to his friends: everyone from the meowing cat to the mooing cow for help. How do they make their calls? Join Ruru and friends to sing, skip, stretch, shake, stamp, clap, and tap to move to the many tunes of animal world.

Awards won: This book won the Best of Indian Children’s Writing (BICW) Award in 2018 for the theme Animal Stories for the age 6-9 yrs.

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“Kee Kee. Kroooo . . . Kee Kee Kroooo. Ku . . . Ku . . . Ku!”

Ruru the little Rooster has many tunes in his head and can sing any except the Kukaroo Kuroo, which is the usual rooster call.  It’s Rooster Day tomorrow and he tries and tries to crow like a rooster but he can’t.

Ruru goes to his friends – cow, donkey, cat, duck, pig, and goat – to learn how they make their calls. His friends skip and stretch, stamp and roll, shake and grunt to help him get it right.

Read this cheery story about a rooster discovering and accepting the true artist inside him.

Rooster Raga makes all readers, both big and little, move and sing, clap and tap, along with the vibrant and expressive characters illustrated by Priya Kuriyan.

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